At Ward2019s Lawn Service, we offer a variety of services such as commercial snow removal to make the winter months a little easier. Call 303-684-9484.

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If your property is in need of some love, call us today and we can fix it up. We can do anything from mowing, commercial snow removal, to any odd jobs you need done. Let us take care of everything so you can just sit back and relax.

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Commercial Mowing

We can make your property look perfect

Residential Mowing

Field Mowing


Power Raking

Backflow Testing

Sprinkler Repairs / Troubleshooting

Sprinkler Turn On

In the Spring, the irrigation system is activated, timed to proper water trans-evaporation rates, and each head is turned for proper rotation and throw.


Every zone is checked for any winter damage that can be detected at this time. Problems such as worn valves and sprinkler head seals, water pooling from worn or cracked pipes / connections, etc. are addressed.


Residential customers with extensive damage may need more work than a turn on service can reserve. In such case, work will be completed at a time and material rate to get the system operational. Ward's Lawn Service strives to provide a complete professional service at a competitive rate.

Sprinkler Winterization

In the Fall, the sprinkler system is winterized by shutting down the tap source and backflow prevention assembly.


The valves and lateral lines are blown out with compressed air and then the testcocks and valves are left partially open to allow airflow. Airflow allows the pressure in the lines to expand and contract with temperature variations. This prevents the pressure P.V.C., poly lines, and valves from developing splits or fissures, and prevents the back flow prevention device from cracking.


The times this service is performed are dictated by weather conditions. The winterization service occurs between October 1 and November 15.


Ward's Lawn Service will prune shrubs as well as deciduous trees up to ten feet. When pruning, our crews use a variety of techniques to ensure landscapes continue to grow strong and lush but do not become overgrown.


Ward's Lawn Service employees are trained to ensure appropriate actions are taken within the season a pruning service takes place, ensuring the best growing atmosphere possible.


Please make note of any "special" areas of concern in your pruning service. Information on which shrubs not to touch, specific heights to trim, natural looks vs. shaped vegetation beforehand will ensure complete satisfaction in the finished product.

Residential Clean-up

Residential clean-ups can entail as much, (or as little) as you deem necessary.


In general, our crews pick up and dispose of any debris, leaves, pine needles, and branches from the property. We prune shrubs as well as deciduous trees up to ten feet. All landscaped areas are weeded by hand; pulling large weeds and spraying small weeds. Mulch and rock may be fluffed or re-spread, tree stakes removed, edging reset, or various other retouching of old and / or deteriorating landscape areas.


We are willing to work with your needs to get your property looking its best!

Commercial Clean-up

Commercial clean-ups are important to keep your business looking, and running, at its pinnacle condition.


Our Commercial Maintenance crews pick up and dispose of any debris, leaves, pine needles, and branches from the property. We prune shrubs as well as deciduous trees up to ten feet. All landscaped areas are weeded by hand; pulling large weeds and spraying small weeds. Mulch and rock may need replenished, tree stakes removed, edging reset, or various other retouching of old and / or deteriorating landscape areas for the season to come.


We strive to leave no trace at the end of each service, leaving your business or H.O.A to be enjoyed to the fullest!

Spring Clean-up

Time to establish a starting point for the year! The spring clean-up is often included in many commercial contracts in order to establish optimum growing conditions as well as definitive boundaries and standards. All debris from the winter months, pine needles, left over leaves and branches will be removed and disposed of properly. Any tree wrap will be removed and ornamental shrub grasses sheared. Shrubs and trees may need minor pruning.


If there are any "special" areas of concern (known problem areas, replacement shrubs, and/or any other service necessary to make your property ready for the year), please let us know when you schedule your service. As always, we are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction!

Leaf Clean-up

Ward's Lawn Service recommends leaf clean-ups as often as needed. Along with the removal of all debris: (leaves, pine needles, branches, and trash) Ward's can prune all shrubs and deciduous trees up to ten feet.


Ideally this service should be scheduled once all leaves have fallen, however, multiple services may be needed as leaves fall during the season.


Commercial properties should refer to the Landscape Maintenance Contract correlated with their property for information on services included. Ward's Lawn Service will usually a lot a designated amount of man hours for this service.

Planting / Sod

Need some extra color in your yard? Schedule an estimate and let us help you improve your landscape. Whether it's an extra shade tree, burning bush for extra color in the fall, or replacement shrubs for a commercial property. Ward's Lawn Service's representatives are experts in identifying needs for new plantings and offers a one year warranty on all new plantings with automatic watering practices.


Sometimes starting over with your lawn is the best option. To ensure your new yard remains healthy for years to come it is absolutely crucial soil preparation is done correctly. Let Ward's take these worries away. We add nutrients to the soil, add elements to prevent soil compaction, till the soil at least ten inches deep, and lay perfectly seemed sod.


Ward's Lawn Service offers a variety of flowers available to plant in your Spring Flower Beds. We will turn the soil and remove any debris or dead matter from the year before. We offer hanging baskets and potted flowers for hardscape areas as well. Allow us to liven up the atmosphere of your backyard or your entire Home Owners' Association. Ward's Lawn service recommends planting flowers in areas with automated watering systems and cannot offer a warranty for flowers planted that do not receive adequate water. Bulbs can also be planted in the Fall. Whatever your flower needs please don't hesitate to call and ask questions. Our employees are experienced horticulturalists and can recommend the best product for the job.


Fertilizer is applied three times per season, additional applications are available, for an additional fee, if the customer so desires. Each step is composed of blends of balanced release Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (Potash or K). Included are adjuvant ingredients in different stages through the season. These include pre-emergent weed control, Iron (Fe), and other plant and soil enhancers such as Prospect Plus.


Fertilizer applications are not applied any closer than five or six weeks between treatments.

Weed Control

Ward's Lawn Service handles weed control both chemically and physically. Commercial properties are addressed once a week during the mowing service. Any weeds in mulch or rock beds larger than three inches in height will be pulled while smaller younger weeds are eliminated with round up or similar herbicide. This allows mow crews to maintain efficiency while still maintaining a good overall appearance.


We add a broadleaf weed control to our liquid fertilizer for a blanket treatment to a normal lawn; however, stronger herbicides and spot spray methods may need to be applied and reapplied to achieve the desired effect.


Pre-emergent weed control is a defense that aims to prevent weeds from germination. This step is critical for rock / much beds in the Spring. Dormant seeds tend to accumulate throughout the Fall and Winter seasons waiting for the warmth of Spring to begin its growth cycle. Preventing this growth avoids a potential problem later in the year. Pre-emergent can be applied at any time throughout the season. When applied the pre-emergent herbicide has an orange tint which allows the applicator to ensure complete coverage and will fade as it is washed into the soil. Pre-emergent is included in our Spring Fertilizer application to insure your lawn establishes weed free. Without this service, your landscape is at risk for infestation.

Disease / Pest Control

Ward's Lawn Service offers a variety of treatments to control both disease and pest problems. Our experienced professionals will inspect all suspected areas on your property, determine the cause of problem, and take action accordingly.


This service is not limited to turf areas. Trees and shrubs are susceptible to fungus, insects, etc. as well. Once treatment begins reapplication of herbicides / fungicides / insecticides may be necessary to ensure your landscape recovers completely. If there is an underlying problem i.e. watering practices, mowing practices, etc. our professionals can also advise healthy alternatives to a chemical approach.

Miscellaneous / "Odd Job" Work

As our slogan says "From mowing... to plowing.." we really have done it all. Anything on your property you don't like, want to change, need ideas upon. We are here to help. Fences, decks, pond maintenance, rock installation, edging, retaining walls, stone patios, walkways, drainage issues, debris piles, the list goes on.


Please contact our office with any situation you may have come across and we will send an experienced professional for a free estimate as soon as possible.


Keep in mind our Winter months are slow yet still a great time to update your hardscape. Let the cold days be the construction days so you can enjoy your landscape come Spring.

Commercial Snow Removal

Ward's Lawn Service offers a variety of commercial snow removal contracts for the snow season. In general, all lot and roadways are extensively cleared upon a predetermined depth. We make it a point to be as speedy and complete as possible. Working with the weather the best we can, we attempt to be off the property by 7:00 a.m., leaving both sidewalks and driveways free and clear of snow and de-iced.


Ward's uses the best and most up to date equipment to keep the process as high quality as possible. We use the small and maneuverable skid loaders for confined areas, trucks for regular lots and drives, and large loader tractors equipped with box plows for large jobs. All equipment is operated by skilled and seasoned employees.

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