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We would like to take a moment from this busy season and express our gratitude to our wonderful customers for the opportunity to work with you and to take care of all your landscape needs.


Since last year, we have updated our website and added some great new photos. Our Website shows you all the services we offer. (Hopefully, you will check it out and mention it to your family, friends and neighbors) Our Website Contains information on all of the services we have to offer for taking care of your landscape in the section called SERVICE DESCRIPTIONS.  If you have additional questions, we welcome your calls.


As a gentle reminder to help keep your trees and shrubs happy this winter and give them the energy to flourish next spring, we would like to offer you a few tips on winter watering:


Dry air, wind, low precipitation, fluctuating temperatures combined with little or no snow cover are characteristic of our winters in Colorado and may contribute to root system damage if trees are not given supplemental water. Check soil moisture a couple times a month if above conditions are present. You should only water trees as long as the soil is dry and when air temperatures are above 40 degrees.


Another good thing to do during the winter months is to add some mulch to your beds where it has become thin. If any of this sounds like too much to handle in the rush of the holidays, let us know and we can take care of it for you. Our office number is 303-684-6484 and “Like” us on FACEBOOK to receive special tips we may offer during the season.


Thank you, we appreciate each and every one of you!


Dave, Jodi, Nic Q, Nick H, Jon, Cheryl, Deb, Jaimie and all the crew at Ward’s Lawn Service.



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Ward's Lawn Service Inc., located in Longmont, Colorado offers professional landscape and property maintenance services. Ward's has catered to residential, commercial and H.O.A. properties up and down the Front Range for the past 20 years. Ward's Lawn Service maintains programs to fit all landscape needs throughout the growing season. Continuing service into the winter, Ward's offers an

elite commercial snow removal service as well.

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About Us

Ward’s Lawn Service, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is owned and operated by local resident Dave Ward.  Even though it was founded in 1999 the "Ward" name in lawn maintenance has been around since 1984. Dan the eldest brother and Steve began mowing neighborhood lawns in southern Longmont for tuition to attend school. This tradition of lawn care for tuition continued through  four more brothers: Jim, David, Mark, Matt and sister Monica in the same fashion through the 80's and 90's.

In 1999 after attending college at C.S.U. in Fort Collins, Dave started Ward's Lawn Service  with one pickup truck and two lawn mowers; currently Ward's Lawn Service employs 48 full time employees. Ward's has stayed true to our residential heritage, yet has grown to specialize in year round commercial landscape maintenance.  One large portion of our year round maintenance is snow removal. Ward’s has grown from one truck in the late 90’s to over 105 pieces of equipment. Through our professional network of contractors and ice melt providers, we have earned the trust of many of Longmont’s largest commercial complexes.  Our dedication to safety and detailed snow and ice removal has earned us the honor of years of continued service for Longmont’s finest.

Over the past two decades, Ward’s Lawn Service has provided professional residential and commercial landscape assistance for properties in areas such as Broomfield, CO and Boulder, CO.

Owned by local resident Dave Ward, the company was established in 1999, and now has 48 full-time employees. If you need year-round commercial landscape maintenance for a large property complex or would like help maintaining your backyard, give us a call. No matter the season, we have the tools and expertise needed to help your lawn look great.

Colorado has great fluctuations in seasonal temperatures and conditions. During the springtime, you might need our assistance with a sprinkler system repair on a model that stopped working several months ago, and as the temperatures warm up even more, that’s the perfect time to talk to us about planting some things in the garden that will bloom throughout the rest of the year. Ask about commercial lawn maintenance for properties you manage, too.


As the autumn leaves begin to fall off the trees, we can ease the burden of laboriously raking to clear your yard. When the snowy season is on the way, depend on us to deal with the snow and provide salt. By offering a full range of residential and commercial landscape service, we can help you have more time to devote to other things.

Whether you need residential services or commercial landscape maintenance, we are happy to provide you with a free estimate. Customers in areas including Broomfield, CO and Boulder, CO have trusted us for commercial landscape service, plus assistance at their personal residences.


Call today to find out how we can help you with commercial landscape requests and more. Put our professional expertise to work for you and look forward to beautiful results during any time of the year. Regardless of if you need commercial lawn maintenance or snow removal, we are here for you.